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hayes academy jaipur
Hayes sainik academy jaipur

Shaping leaders of tomorrow, today at Hayes Sainik Academy

Hayes Sainik Academy is a premier educational institution that provides a holistic and rigorous academic program, combined with a strong emphasis on character development, physical fitness, and leadership training. Our goal is to shape well-rounded individuals who are prepared to excel in all aspects of life.

Hayes Sainik School

Online registration for Hayes Academy is now open. Know ABout Application Process & Apply online to enroll and get all the necessary information here…

Hayes Military Academy

Our students receive top-notch Military School coaching and unparalleled guidance from experienced faculty members, Know All About Hayes Military School Coaching…

Hayes RIMC Coaching

Experience the finest RIMC School Coaching in Jaipur, Rajasthan, at Hayes Academy. Discover our vision for the RIMC Entrance Test 2024…

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Call us or Visit Hayes Sainik Academy, See Address in About Us Section.

Hayes Academy

The academy in Jaipur has a team of dedicated and experienced faculty who provide top-quality education and military training.

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Test Series

Hayes Academy Regularly organize Practice exams, Mock papers, Screening tests for Students 

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Personal Attention

Our academy offers personalized guidance to ensure every student reaches their potential

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Reasonable Fees

We believe that quality education should not come at a high cost, and thus offer reasonable fees

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Midbrain & Abacus

Hayes Academy offer specialized training in midbrain and abacus to enhance brain function and improve mental agility

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Physical Activity

We encourage students to participate in physical activities to help them develop their teamwork and leadership skills

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Hostel Facility

Our academy’s hostel facilities provide a convenient and secure living environment for students who come from different parts of the country

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